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Attention Photographers!

New for our 2022 season!

We invite professional and insured photographers to rent time in our fields. Our small Minnesota based farm is located 40 minutes from Willmar, 20 minutes from Litchfield, and 25 minutes from Hutchinson. Our farm is home to over 3,000 peonies in a variety of different hues, and slightly different bloom times during the month of June. Our season does vary yearly due to weather, but is a sight to behold, and amazing to experience. The cost to rent our field is $35/hr.

To get the most from your time on our farm we have a few guidelines for you to follow.

-We are a working flower farm, and we will do our best to avoid picking during your time slot, unless unavoidably necessary. We will avoid picking the field you are photographing in during your scheduled session.

-Please be mindful of your timeslot, as others may be scheduled before/after your session.

-Please do not pick the flowers, or harm the plants, and be mindful of our black weed suppressing landscape fabric.

-Flowers and bouquets can be purchased at an additional cost for use during your session, or as a fun end of your time here.

-Please limit groups to 8 people or less, unless previous authorization is given.

-Last minute cancellations are only accepted in the event of inclement weather, other cancellations must be made at least 1 week in advance.

- There is a personal home and a chicken coop on site, and they are off limits, we will have a port-a-potty onsite available for you or your clients to use.

-No dogs (or other animals) allowed.

-We would be delighted if you tagged us in your photos on social media: @hopebloomsflowerfarm

Please email us for more information or to schedule your time slot today!

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