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Seed Catalog Hygge

Updated: Feb 22, 2019

In the midst of this 2nd round of extremely cold weather here in Minnesota, and monochromatic landscape, I decided it is time for some garden focused HYGGE (hoo-ga). Everyone seems to be embracing this Norwegian trend these days, but if you aren't familiar with the term Google defines it as "a quality of coziness and comfortable conviviality that engenders a feeling of contentment or well being...". That sound like just what I need on these sub-zero days!

So I'm getting cozy with comfy slippers, a warm sweater, a spicy cup of tea, and some colorful, hope-filled, garden catalogs. I love garden catalogs - they ALWAYS come just when we need them the most (January - after all the magic of Christmas is over and all we have to look forward to is snow, and cold for months to come.) Garden Catalogs remind us that the sun WILL shine again, the flowers really were that vibrant, and after a few minutes of looking through them you can almost feel the warm spring sunshine on your face again.

This year this fun task of choosing what to grow has been different for me. Last year I grew for my own pleasure and as a fun hobby. This year I'm offering to sell my sweet flowers to you too! (If you want to know more about my journey, look back to my previous blog post.) Since I'm starting out this year differently, I have decided to try a LOT of different flower varieties for the first time, in addition to the many tried and true varieties I have loved in years past. I am excited to find new flowers I love to add to the farm, and I'm excited to see what flowers YOU fall in love with too. I will keep you posted in a future blog of my successes and failures, and highlight some of my old favorites too! I'm sure this year will teach us both a lot. This is going to be a great year!

Seed Catalogs

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1 Comment

Feb 22, 2019

I love the seed catalogs too, vegetables, flowers, trees, bushes, anything green gives me hope!

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