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Things are starting to get "real"

Last time I wrote was during the last snow storm that we had, and we just finished yet another....I guess the snow is motivating... it's time to put another blog out there, and give everybody a little update on how things are going on the farm.

If you are not located in the upper midwest, you may not know that we just made it through another "bomb cyclone" (seriously, who names this stuff?) Our "bomb cyclone" experience was an odd mix of snow, sleet, freezing rain, thunder, and wind. Thankfully we only had our power interrupted briefly, and had no damage to property, yay! Shortly before all this wonderful new snow arrived, we had just gotten rid of all the other snow we had accumulated all winter, a very welcome Marie Kondo like minimizing our winter garden and embracing the newness of Spring...unfortunately Mother Nature must not have been quite ready to embrace the snow, thank it and let it go.....

We know that eventually that snow will leave and we will once again savor the sunshine! I am so excited! During the winter we waited for spring by enjoying seed catalogs, ordering many fun varieties, making a planting schedule, and finally getting little plant babies started! Guys I have hundreds of adorable little plants started in my house, this planting season is going to be AWESOME!

It is super important to start many of our plants from seed inside, because the Minnesota growing season is quite short (our frost free season is only mid May until early October). When we start things indoors it can give us harvest earlier than we would otherwise have, and even allow us to grow things that would not flower during our short growing season otherwise. I can't wait to introduce some great of these new great varieties to you as our season progresses. This is going to be a GREAT year!

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